Where To Begin When Training Horses

I’m sure the true novice horse trainer has the question, “Where do I begin?” We see the professionals and the wonderful training they can do, and do it quickly. We think in amazement at this and it causes some to be discouraged at how to achieve such accomplishments. I’m here to tell you , “Don’t be discouraged!” THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH BEING SLOW AS LONG AS YOU DOING SOMETHING. It is better to be slow and solid in your training than quick and fragile. It is better to get half as much done and it being solid than get twice as much and that will probably come untrained.

You have to remember this, your training you horse every time your in his/her presence. If you walk out to feed you horse and you slap him/her in the face, your teaching that horse to not be near you. On the other hand, if you are gentle with him/her, your developing a basis for trust. Trust is what you want to establish initially, and permanently.

In order to be a good trainer, you have to be a thinking person. Thinking about the horse, AND about You. You have to control you attitude when around a horse. Bringing a bad attitude to the horse will establish a bad relationship. Something can effect you and therefore rub off on the horse. You are only human. Pay attention to yourself in you training sessions. It will definitely help building that relationship that is so critical.

And, of course, you have to study the horse. You have have a game plan for a good training program. This involves being able to READ the horse. It is critical to pay attention to his attitude toward you. Failure to do this course cause injury to both you and you equine counter part. In becoming a good horse trainer, you have to develope this ability.

In my next entry, I will describe what it means to read a horse.

till then, Happy Riding!


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