Tony Dill- a Godly Farmer

A good friend of mine from my college days reached out to me here the other day on Facebook. I hadn’t spoken to him since then. We roped calves together at South Plains College under our rodeo coach, Bobby Robinson. In our textual discussion, he asked if I was kind to Tony Dill. He had in his possession an article from the Southwest Farm Press written by Shelley E. Huguley. My congratulation to her on a well written article. Not only did she mention his farming accomplishments, but took note of his close family ties. But most of all, this article brought to focus on his relationship with God. The article goes on to state that Tony has won the Southwest’s 2021 Peanut Efficiency Award,  and that he would have been the first to give God the glory for receiving such a prestigious accomplishment. I say, “would have ” because Tony went to be with his Lord and Saviour on October 23, 2020 before receiving this award. He was a man of God.

I wanted to touch on the man I knew. Tony was my cousin. He was the son of  G.W. and Sue Dill, my uncle and aunt. .G.W. was my Dad’s (Rufus) youngest brother. I had a hugh respect for both of them. Since I was a lot older than Tony, I didn’t have that much interaction with him. As the years went on, I didn’t see Tony much except at the Dill reunions or funerals. It was at my oldest brothers (Jackie) funeral that I got to visit with him for a good while. It was here that we visited on the things of the Lord. He shared his testimony with me.

At his Dad’s funeral, he called me and asked if I would be a pallbearer. This was a great honor for me.

Tony’s life had his ups and downs, like most of ours, but when he got serious with God, there was no half way. If God’s Word said to do it, he did the best he could. I always appreciated that in him. In a world with luke warmness, Tony was none of that. I believe his Heart was always Right before God.

God blessed him in his family, finances and in the farmers field. Like Ryan said in the article, “Tony had found favor with God”.

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