The Ride

He put on his ridding boots. He had just taken his work boots off and put on his ridding boots. The work boots were to heavy to ride in. In the past his ridding boots were his work boots but feet problems had altered that. Right now it was ridding boots.

His granddaughter had saddled his horse for him. He sure appreciated her help. Health issues prevented him from doing that himself. He dragged the stool over next to his horse. Steading himself, he put himself in the saddle. It sure felt good to be back there. A feeling that was hard for him to describe. Of course, horse people knew what he meant. They experienced the same thing every time, all times they mounted up. He adjusted himself for balance and nudged his horse forward.

Lily and Chance.. notice Chance’s calmness

Today, he would ride with his son and granddaughter in the pasture behind his home. It was the first time in a while he had ridden. Health issues had prevented that without him paying a price for it afterwards. Today would be no exception. It was worth it though.

He would walk, no running and definitely no jumping. Jumping was probably what got him where he was at right now. Oh, he had horses fall on him and that definitely didn’t help any, but the continuous jumping practices propelled him into the state he was in right now. He wouldn’t give up his ridding and running but maybe the jumping, especially if that was the true cause. Didn’t matter, you can’t go back.

It may have cut his ridding time short but it was great while it lasted.

The three would ride around the edge of the pasture. He wanted to go around the whole pasture but the pain or soreness was starting to kick up some so that was not to be. He immensely enjoyed it. Not only was he on a horse, his horse, but he was with his son and granddaughter. He hoped that wouldn’t be his last time but you just never knew. He was grateful for this time.

Sometime later, while taking his grandson to meet his Dad, the old man was talking to his grandson. His grandson asked him about physical state, therefore asking about his back problems. One question led to another question with the final question being, “would you do it again?” The old man replied with a “yes, I would be smarter about it but I would still do it. The reply from the grandson was, “just so you don’t have any regrets”.

Despite what may happen in the future, he was a blessed man.


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