The National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas-2021

In a couple of days, on December 2, the National Finals Rodeo will begin in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you remember, last year it was unable to be held in Las Vegas due to the Covid scare. Texas was able to step up and have it in Arlington, Texas at the Glove Life Arena. It was truly an great Nationals in my opinion. But what do I know, I’m a Texan. I might just be a little biased. Seriously, it have been in Las Vegas for a number of years. To my knowledge, they have all been great. I supposed it different sitting in your recliner and watching it on TV, the Cowboy Channel. On Dish, its channel 232. You get kinda spoiled with all of the commentators giving their insight to each run. I guess nothing is like being there and seeing it live. Most of all, being there and competing.

I have been following rodeo all year, thanks to the Cowboy Channel, a 100 rodeos in 100 days. It was great. Having rodeoed for 10 years in the bull dogging and the calf roping, I can relate to some of it. Of course, these events have changed a bunch, yet still the same.  I’, not saying I was ever good enough to get to the Nationals, far from it but I know what its like to back into the box and call for that calf or steer. It just something you don’t forget. Its just amazing what these cowboys, and cowgirls, go through to get to the Nationals. They truly amazing athletes, equally as good as any athlete in any sport.

In closing, I would suggest that you get set, kick back, and watch the Nationals for the next 10 days. I don’t believe you will be disappointed. The last night is always a nail bitter. Its a sport that truly is patriotic , with strong faith in God, Jesus Christ. It truly supports our veterans also. You will not see any sidestepping on these matters. Plus you will not see a disrespect for out flag. That alone is enough to support this sport.

God bless and enjoy.

Any comments, please respond.

Presenting the colors by our Veterans

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