The Horrors Of Hauling Horses

I have previously submitted a post here about hauling horses or pulling trailers in general.

I want to tell a tale here of hauling a horse that went wrong, very wrong.

In my younger days, I had a horse that needed a lot of time on him. He needed to ridden. My friend had someone he knew that would ride her, it was a mare. I had to haul my horse about 2 hours away. I was to take my horse and pickup his fathers horse. I would then bring the father’s horse back about a hours drive. At the time, I didn’t have a horse trailer, so I borrowed a open top stock trailer from another friend of mine. It definitely had been used but appeared to be ok.

I hauled my horse the 2 hours and drop her off. Before we loaded the father’s horse up, my friend walked through the trailer inspecting the floor. He felt it was ok and we loaded that horse up. I took off headed back home. To this day, in my head I can still remember him walking in the trailer, looking at everything.

The weather was getting bad, the clouds were building. Once I got on the road, it started to rain. It was pouring. I was on a good asphalt road, but I had to go down into a draw. By the time I got to this draw the rived was rising. I crossed it ok and started up the other side when I heard some noise. I kept my lights on and stopped on the road, on the other side of the draw. What I saw horrified me. The boards on the trailer had lift up from the rising water, allowing the horse to step through the floor. When she did this, her feet were immediately broken. Two of the feet were just hanging on by the skin.

This was the days before cell phones. A pickup came by and turned around. He stopped and I told him what the situation was. He left and called the sheriff department and my friend as well. When the deputy got there, he called my friend. My friend gave him permission to shoot the mare. It was sad.

It was late and I drove to my friends house for the night. I remember his wife asking me if I was alright .I think it really affected me mentally more than I was aware of.

The next day after I got home, I called my friends father and apologized for losing his horse. He was very understanding. He just made the comment or ask me, is their anything you could have done to prevent it. There wasn’t. We all thought the trailer was safe.

To this day, I have regrets on what happened.



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