The Easter Season

The season for Easter is upon us. Next Sunday with be the actual day that Easter is celebrated, April 17th.

As with most truly religious holiday, they are shrouded with other elements of interest. For instance, Christmas has Santa Clause, Easter has the bunny. In my opinion, all to take away from the true meaning of the specific holiday. In fact, I wonder if some individuals even know the true meaning. As in Easter, they know about the bunny or it’s that time to really dress up for church. As my grandfather used to say, “Sunday go to meeting”.

I know a lot know of the true meaning but the General public seems to pass it over. How many actually sit and ponder the real meaning of the cross, the crucifixion. The price that was paid for our sins seems to be evasive to so many. Jesus Christ was the pass over lamb for man kind. He paid the ultimate price for all humanity. It wasn’t a easy task to take on either. It was gruesome, it was horrible. So many wear little crosses around their necks that do little justice to what actually happened that day so long ago in history.

And don’t think for a second that it’s just for Christians. There is secular verification of the crucifixion. It was recorded in history outside of the Bible itself.

But in thinking about what happened, think about what it meant to mankind. It meant that if a person, man or woman, could accept the salvation of Jesus Christ, they could live with him in Heaven for eternity. Let that sink in for a moment, heaven, no hell. Their is a hell to shun and heaven to gain. Not just to avoid hell but to live glorious with our Saviour. That is no small feat!

Eternity! Eternity! get a handle on that in your spirit.

He is Risen! Now you know the real reason for this time. Rejoice!

His salvation is the greatest gift but their are other gifts that we have while we’re still here on this side of the grave. He has given us certain gifts, basic gifts to live by.  Gifts that exist in the spirit and in the flesh. Sometimes, these gifts are overlooked. Gifts to overcome this earthly journey. He will never leave us or forsake us.

So, the short of it is, after salvation, Jesus Christ is with you regardless. Isn’t that amazing?! His love is never ending. His love for you!

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