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Pick the Horse

“You look cute in that,” the person I love said when he first saw me in barn clothes. There was hay in my hair. The ratty t-shirt and jeans I wore to feed and clean stalls probably had mud, poop, and horse slobber on them. At that point in my life, I was always covered […]

Why Do We Call It a Posting Trot?

An interesting article I came across. I must admit I had never found the word post remotely interesting until I decided to figure out why we call it a posting trot. Turns out, the word post has about 1,200 meanings, and we use and know most of them. What you won’t find in your dictionary, […]

Horse Training-The Body II

Last time we looked at the desensitizing the horse or the body in general. You will continue along the body, mainly the top line and the under belly. As with the front portion of the body, much rubbing with the hands in necessary. You will be able to tell when the horse is absolutely relaxed. […]

“Crazy Walter”

When you ride numerous horses over the course of your life, you’re bound to experience some with, shall we say, “challenging” behaviors. It is these horses, as much as the schoolmasters and saints, that keep us coming back for more. Part of the appeal of a lifetime in horsemanship is continuing to learn and grow […]

10 Things Successful Riders Don’t Do

We can all get carried away, and we can all veer off the path to success so sometimes it is useful to think about what the ‘other guys’ are doing, you know, the ones who seem to be hitting their target. While it can be difficult to replicate what our idols DO, here is a […]

Horse Training–foundation

The training that I’m describing here is not for the trainer who is trying to put as much training on a horse in 30- 90 days. This for the novice trainer that is under no time restrains whatsoever. However long it takes, that is just how long you will give the process. Having said that, […]

Horse Training Tips – Learning How to Train a Horse

Interested in learning how to train a horse? This article covers the basic training and horseback riding lessons every beginner should learn and master before getting on a horse. How to train a horse is something that will begin from birth. Most horses might not be handled at birth or even until they are ready […]

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