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Horse Training–The Body–III

The last post, we talked about getting the horse used to be touched all over. I want to go over a few more things to remember to do. If you remember I told you to start at the head and go back toward the rear. The horse has to be completely relaxed with your hands […]

Horse Training-The Body II

Last time we looked at the desensitizing the horse or the body in general. You will continue along the body, mainly the top line and the under belly. As with the front portion of the body, much rubbing with the hands in necessary. You will be able to tell when the horse is absolutely relaxed. […]

Horse Training- The Horses Body

We’ve talked about the horse and how to catch him. Ok, your able to catch him easily. Next you will want to continue the gentling process. You will start this journey at the small part of the neck and go back toward the rear. It will or should take some time and this will be […]

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