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Fort Concho Cavalry- The horses

Over the 30 years I was in the Fort Concho Cavalry, I used several different horses. As I have stated in my earlier post, I started out with a brown geldy by the name of Cash. He proved to be way to excitable for the cavalry. For a short time, I used a bay mare […]


Today, September 24th, is the last day of basic competition. Tomorrow will be for those that have made it to the finals or Bolte Cup. This is the best of the Best, mostly taken out of level 3 competitors. But today, is the  William Steinkraus military field jumping. Level 1-3 each will be required to […]

National Cavalry Competition–Day 2

  Today, September 23rd, will usher in the intense competitions of Combat Horsemanship and Mounted Sabers. Though different in time requirements, both offer an informative basis for what it was like to be mounted in combat. Combat Horsemanship shows the individual’s necessary maneuvers as it relates to combat itself. From Side pass, backing through the […]

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