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The Easter Season

The season for Easter is upon us. Next Sunday with be the actual day that Easter is celebrated, April 17th. As with most truly religious holiday, they are shrouded with other elements of interest. For instance, Christmas has Santa Clause, Easter has the bunny. In my opinion, all to take away from the true meaning […]

The American-22

For those of you who don’t know what The American is, it’s an event in the rodeo world that exceeds all other with the exception of the National Finals regarding to money paid out. It divided up in those that have to qualify as opposed to those who are invited. These invitees are made up […]

A Western Christian Story–Chapter 4

A WESTERN CHRISTIAN STORY—CHAPTER 4 Quanah wasn’t on the warpath today. He was just taking his time exploring, rather enjoying his surroundings. Since the white man had come into his life, this was a rare event to find time to relax. The truth of the matter, you could never completely relax in the wild. In […]

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