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Horse Hoof Care Tips for Every Season

Did you know that your horse hoof care routine should vary based on the weather? Summer’s dry, sandy footing will require moisturizing hoof oil for horses, while spring’s wet and muddy conditions will have you reaching for a thrush treatment. When it comes to year-round hoof care, we’ve compiled everything you need to know for […]

Why You Should Always Wear an Equestrian Helmet

Did you know that equestrian sports are the biggest contributor to sports-related traumatic brain injuries? A  study published in the Journal of Neurosurgery found that horseback riding contributed to 45.2 percent of all sports-related brain injuries. As horseback riders, we love our sport. The thrill of working as a team with an animal much larger than […]

The Art and Science of Shoeing Horses

Should a horse be barefoot or shod? What is the role of science and research in shoeing horses, both now and in the future? Farrier Pat Reilly, Chief of Farrier Services and Director of the Applied Polymer Research Laboratory at the University of Pennsylvania, shares his insights on these topics and more in the second […]

5 Spring Horse Hoof Care Tips

Spring is a beautiful time of year. The first crocuses of the year are poking their bright green heads out of the ground. The sounds of robins fill the air and everything begins to turn lush again after a long, dreary winter. Unfortunately, when it comes to horse hoof care, spring isn’t all good things. […]

Wilbur-Cruce Horses: The Biggest Secret in Ranching

Heidi Collings grew up with horses, but she was blown away by her first encounter with the Wilbur-Cruce, the only pure breed of rancher horse descended from Spanish colonial times. In 1995, a friend brought an untrained colt to her Arizona ranch. Collings threw a saddle on him, his first. An hour later, he was […]

Tragedy Of The Cavalry Horses

I was 1st sergeant of the Fort Concho Cavalry during the early 1990’s. During one of our demonstrations at Fort Clark, I lead the unit in several cavalry drills. At the time I was riding Jasper, a line back dun gelding. As usual, after such demonstrations, we would line up in front of the public […]

The Canyon–Chapter 4

The Canyon—Chapter 4 He wasn’t back. Prairie Chicken had to make a decision, actually the decision was already made. She had made it several days ago in  her mind. Her pinto mare had carried Prairie Chicken many miles and she would carry her many more. She was a black with a milky white color pattern. […]

The Witcher is a Mare Man

When I was a preteen I could name all the essential horses in Lord of the Rings. But even then, I knew not to expect much equestrian nuance in high fantasy. Most of the time, the sword-wielding main character rides in on a well-groomed and perfectly behaved steed. The accuracy of the regional breeds is […]

How-to Guide: Horse Blanket Cleaning, Care, and Storage

Buying your horse’s winter wardrobe can be costly and time-consuming. You can avoid having to do this chore every year by properly storing and caring for your horse blankets. Horse blanket cleaning and the use of horse blanket racks can mean the difference between a blanket that lasts for years and one that holds up […]

The Canyon-Chapter 3

The young Indian boy would have to walk. This was no big deal. He was used to walking, some at least. The lost of his horse had revealed something to him that he had been putting off. That was that he needed a new horse. A horse he would be proud to ride, a horse […]

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