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 Let’s Dispel the Myth of the “Perfect Position”

#MasterclassMonday is a collaboration between Horse Network and to empower equestrians. Every Monday we’ll bring you a new lesson from a leading trainer to help you troubleshoot your training, master your mindset and up your game. This month’s featured rider: Karl Cook teaches strategic riding. In the United States, we have a very strong emphasis […]

The Ride

He put on his ridding boots. He had just taken his work boots off and put on his ridding boots. The work boots were to heavy to ride in. In the past his ridding boots were his work boots but feet problems had altered that. Right now it was ridding boots. His granddaughter had saddled […]

The Horrors Of Hauling Horses

I have previously submitted a post here about hauling horses or pulling trailers in general. I want to tell a tale here of hauling a horse that went wrong, very wrong. In my younger days, I had a horse that needed a lot of time on him. He needed to ridden. My friend had someone […]


It had been 2 years since he has seen the black colt. He had grown a lot, even as a 2 year old. The wild did that to a horse. They had to be strong to survive. Every muscle had a purpose, every movement depended on muscles. They had to be strong to make it […]

A Western Christian Story

It was cold, very cold. He needed this coffee, needed it bad. The fire felt good. He couldn’t stay to close to it as he felt he might be noticed. By whom he had no ideal but he felt it, felt it strong. He has lived a large portion of his life in the wild. […]

Pick the Horse

“You look cute in that,” the person I love said when he first saw me in barn clothes. There was hay in my hair. The ratty t-shirt and jeans I wore to feed and clean stalls probably had mud, poop, and horse slobber on them. At that point in my life, I was always covered […]

The National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas-2021

In a couple of days, on December 2, the National Finals Rodeo will begin in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you remember, last year it was unable to be held in Las Vegas due to the Covid scare. Texas was able to step up and have it in Arlington, Texas at the Glove Life Arena. It […]

Mouse, My Bulldoggin Horse

When I was a young man, I attended South Plains College. It was there that I started my rodeo career, such as it was. The college offered a rodeo program and I immediately enrolled. I never had rodeoed and was extremely new. I was not however new to loving to ride horses. The rodeo coach’s […]

The Horse- Your Responsibility As Owner

I have in the past, and will in the future, written some post about the training of the horse. I want to touch on your responsibility as a care taker and owner of the horse. In order to get the most out your horse, he needs to be healthy. Regardless of your discipline or if […]

Horse Saddles 101: What You Need to Know

Have you ever wondered: what lies beneath the smooth leather of a saddle? What’s the difference between a jumping or dressage saddle? How can I tell if my saddle really fits my horse? We rounded up one comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about horse saddles, both inside and out. Whether you’re shopping […]

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