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Allowing your horse to move

It sounds simple, doesn’t it. Many riders will exclaim but of course I allow my horse to go forward! It is surprisingly easy to give your horse a feeling of restriction, tightness, not quite matching his movement, gripping, hanging on the reins, etc. Restricting the movement It can happen if a rider is working on […]

horse Training–Still On The Ground

The last time we looked at being able to catch your horse without a fuss and getting him excited. This teaching will focus on getting him gentle once you can catch him. As I stated earlier in my earlier post, this is not a fast method to train a  horse but it is solid. And, […]

Horse Training-Initially

Once I have the horse where I can get my hands on him, I start by getting him used to be handled. To get my hands on him can mean several different things. Some use a round pen to get the horse to come to you after a period of time running him around the […]

Where To Begin When Training Horses

I’m sure the true novice horse trainer has the question, “Where do I begin?” We see the professionals and the wonderful training they can do, and do it quickly. We think in amazement at this and it causes some to be discouraged at how to achieve such accomplishments. I’m here to tell you , “Don’t […]

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