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How to Prepare Your Garden for Winter

We’re near that time of year when the ground freezes and the gardening season comes to a close. There’s a common misconception that once you’ve hauled that final crop out of the ground or your flowers start to shrivel that it’s time to pack it in, resuming all growing activities once spring rolls around. Not […]

Make Your Own Biochar Using the Cone Pit Method

Want to improve your gardening game? Look no further than the age-old invention of biochar. This soil amendment is a fine-grained charcoal mixture, made by burning agricultural and forestry waste at high temperature in the absence or reduction of oxygen. Biochar has garnered a reputation in the scientific community for replenishing soil nutrients, retaining moisture […]

How to Preserve Your Own Flowers

I love always having a jar full of fresh flowers in my space, from fluffy hydrangeas to delicate peonies to fiery birds of paradise—especially when they’re snipped from my family’s garden. Alas, these bouquets are fleeting, but it is possible to extend flowers’ beauty by drying them. Here are three ways to preserve your backyard […]

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