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Ft Concho- Early Years–IV

In the early part of my participation with the Ft Concho Cavalry, we stayed pretty active. We had several events at the Fort (Ft Concho) plus several nice event away that kept us busy. The attendance at other forts generally fell into tow categories, field events or parades. No doubt the field events were the […]

Fort Concho Cavalry–Early Years III

For the most part, the first several years with the Fort Concho Cavalry consisted of monthly practices, parades and attending other forts which I thoroughly enjoyed. However, after that, the cavalry competition came into focus. I became aware of thisĀ  early on at Christmas @ Ole Concho events in December. My first horse, Cash Had […]

2021 National Cavalry Competition (NCC)

This year on September 21st thru 25th in El Reno, Oklahoma at Ft Reno, the NCC will be held. If you have the least in bit of interest in the historical cavalry, I encourage you to attend. It’s not often the we get to see 60-75 mounted troopers mostly from the Indian Wars period. Occasionally, […]

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