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The US Is Not Reducing Agricultural Use of Antibiotics Fast Enough

The use of unnecessary antibiotics in livestock is one of the biggest public health issues in the entire agriculture industry. Millions of animals are deluged with antibiotics, which trigger bacteria to develop resistance to the drugs, which requires even more drugs. As that happens, the bacteria get more and more powerful, rendering drugs less effective. […]

How to Prepare Your Garden for Winter

We’re near that time of year when the ground freezes and the gardening season comes to a close. There’s a common misconception that once you’ve hauled that final crop out of the ground or your flowers start to shrivel that it’s time to pack it in, resuming all growing activities once spring rolls around. Not […]

Vaccine Requirements Unsettle Some Farmers Who Serve on USDA Committees

The massive spiderweb of jobs and positions run by the USDA received notice last month that vaccinations would be required for both federal and non-federal employees by November 22. This includes the tens of thousands of USDA staff that work at the agency’s major headquarters, but it also includes many who would barely consider themselves […]

Agriculture In A Nutshell

The word agriculture means “tak­ing care of the fields”—in other words, what we are used to thinking of as farming. And, in fact, agriculture and farming mean just about the same thing. But usually, we would say “agriculture” when we mean the entire work and science of using the earth to produce food and other […]

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