Ned poured what was left of the coffee over the fire. He had his fill for the morning. He let the pot cool down and put it in his saddle bags. It was tight but it fit as it had numerous time before. Once the pot was in, he stood back and looked around. Not so much as something he might have left behind, but also to check his surroundings.

Ned was a man on a mission, his mission. Everything in Ned’s life was all about him. How to get ahead. If someone got in his way, they got removed one way or the other. He lived by his gun. sometimes it wasn’t  legal either. Ned didn’t care. Only the strong survive. That was his motto.

This particular morning was Sunday, church day for the faithful.

Ned was headed out to the upper plains. He needed some meat and Buffalo meat was the best to keep you going. If he got there today, tomorrow he could hunt.

As he passed the Old church building, for some reason, he pulled up his brown colored gelding. He didn’t know why but he just sat there listening to that old preacher give a “Hell Fire and Brimestone” sermon. As you can imagine, Ned was not a church going man, but today he stopped and listened. That old preacher was going at it and to Ned, it seemed like it was aimed straight at him. Ned had never given it much thought on the after life, what happens when that last breath was taken or the last heart beat was given. Today, he thought about it.

That Old preacher gave a plan of salvation, not just for the good but the real bad like old Ned. Right there old Ned accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and savior. Not sure if he knew what he was doing but he followed the old preacher’s directives. He said every word of it. What is most important, he meant it. He had ask forgiveness of his sins.  Tears swelled up in his eyes, his emotions were tender. He wiped his eye, and rode on, not sure what he had just done, or had done to him.

He got to the plains that day, though it was late. He sit up camp. He, for some reason, was peaceful that night. He rested well. As usual, he was cautious to his surrounding, but he rested well.

He crawled up to the top of the hill. There he saw the Indians butcher the freshly killed buffalo cow. He was lucky, he would be able to kill the 3 Indians and have all that meat to himself. He sighted in the first Indian, ready to squeeze the trigger. Something made him stop. He lowered his gun. No more unnecessary killing for Ned. Oh, he would kill to protect himself and to eat but nothing without cause.

Ned crawled back down the hill and went back to his horse. He rode away. Their would be another place to hunt. He felt good, very good. Life was hard out there on the plains but Ned felt good nonetheless.

The Indian brave lowered his gun. He had his sights set in on Ned till Ned lowered his gun and crawled back down the hill. He thought to himself, the Great Spirit has touched this man. He didn’t know about Jesus but he knew that when a man went against the things in nature, something else was at work.

Both of their lives would go different directions, both touched by the Holy Spirit in someway.

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