National Cavalry Competition–Day 2


Today, September 23rd, will usher in the intense competitions of Combat Horsemanship and Mounted Sabers. Though different in time requirements, both offer an informative basis for what it was like to be mounted in combat. Combat Horsemanship shows the individual’s necessary maneuvers as it relates to combat itself. From Side pass, backing through the L, or changing leads, they are essential to staying alive in an intense combat situation. Think of it as this, if you fighting with the  adversary, you need your mount to response quickly to preventing injury or death to you or your horse. Going to the front, back or side accomplishes this. This reason for these requested maneuvers. In addition to that, during the combat horsemanship classes, you will be ask to perform with a saber, pistol or carbine. These are fascinating competitions to observe.

The second competition today is the sabers. As the title indicates, the rider is expected to demonstrate the military use of the saber through a set course according to which level the rider is in. The correct use of the saber is mandatory for a higher score. Most of the time in the higher levels, the course entails jumps to be negotiated. Jumping the higher levels while trying to use your saber on a ring or a head of lettuce requires the superior use of the saber for both the rider and the horse. Keep in mind that the saber used today is just as deadly as the saber of years past. In view of this, this can be a very deadly sport. I can assure  you that all precaution is taken. All contestants are instructed, if you feel you are coming out of the saddle, GET RID OF THAT SABER!!

Come to Ft Reno to enjoy a time of yesteryears!!

Nationals/Ft Riley  Juliette and Ranger Nationals/Ft Riley Ron and Rooster



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