Mountain Trips on a Horse–’97, Palo Duro Canyon

After my trip to the mountains in Santa Fe, New Mexico I was completely hooked. On that trip, I had used a stock trailer. With the horses in the rear, it made traveling kinda dangerous. It put to much weight on the back of the trailer and in turn lifted the rear end of the pickup. This made steering hard.

I went back home and traded the stock trailer in an bought  a Bruton 2 horse gooseneck. My 1/2 ton pickup handled it ok. I was on cloud nine. This was the first time I had a horse trailer that was a gooseneck. It had a small living area in the front also. I had bought this trailer from Bruton’s Trailers here in San Angelo, Texas. This was a steel trailer. My trailers later on would be Aluminum. I was excited.

My next trip to the mountains was to Palo Duro Canyon. This is at Canyon, Texas. If any of you have been there, you will agree that going down into that canyon is a real trip. The incline is very steep and at the bottom you have sharp switch back that can be very dangerous. Preceding this trip, I had a Farm Bureau meeting in Lubbock. I took Apache and boarded him in Lubbock and the next day, I picked him up and headed to Palo Duro Canyon. Lubbock is just about 2 hours from there. Me and Apache made it fine to the canyon and down the sloop but it was a bit of a pucker factor for sure.

We went to the back of the park which is designated for equestrians. They had good pipe fences there so I didn’t have to worry about Apache getting out. The park is kinda picky on where you rode though. I tried to stay on certain trails. Their was a mountain tower on the park and I headed for it. The last part of the trail got very steep and Apache tried to fall back some, so I turn him around and headed back to the trailer. I was by himself and didn’t want to get hurt or get Apache hurt.

The next part of   the riding was following down the canyon. The park stopped not to far from there but I did go to the end. This was close to where General Randal McKenzie performed his raid on the Comanche Indians. I enjoyed the peacefulness of the area but for some reason couldn’t relax.

That night, after I ate and had Apache bedded down in his pen, I settled in for a good nights rest. A pack of coyotes stopped that pretty fast. They were running the canyon, the howls were just right by the trailer. They didn’t seem to bother Apache much though. It probably bother me more than him. They were very close and loud. I always remembered this. those howls are very penetrating to me. I wish I could hear them again.

Palo Duro Canyon is a good place to visit. You definitely get the feel of the Old West.

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