Mountain Horseback Trip—II

I had one trip under my belt and I was completely hooked. It was something I looked for each year. I would plan and look forward to it months in advance of the event.

The second trip would have several attending. Russell was graduating from Hight School this year. I left a day before and spent the night with Momma on my way up to the mountains. Russell and his buddies would travel to my brothers place in Denver City. They would all travel in his van. To say Russell and his buddies had a good time the preceding night at the graduation is an under statement. Once they got to Pink’s , my brother,  they kicked back and slept most of the way up there I was told. They didn’t ride but hiked the whole time they were up there.

This year, we went to the Pecos Wilderness. This is the same place we had went the previous year. It was a different camp but the same location. Gary and Larry Carpenter also attended this year. Gary had made the previous year. As far as any wrecks, it was pretty uneventful, which is the way I liked it. We never wanted to get any of the horses horse, or us for that matter. The boys enjoyed their hikes. At one point, they climbed to a high cliff above the campsite. There they yelled down on us.

On one of our evening relaxation periods, we got it in our mind to teach Apache to lie down. Apache was a paint stud I was riding at the time. After about 2.5 hours later, we got him to lay down. He just didn’t want to do it. It all worked out and he finally got the handle on it but it took him a while. He would later be my scout horse for the fort Concho Cavalry. I would lay him down and shoot over him.

As usual, the scenery was beautiful. Good scenery and good times and good friends.

The photo below was due to the fact that I had done some training on Apache that I would use in later years.

Any mountain horseback tales to tell?

Apache and me

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