Who is mankind? Some have pondered this over hundreds of years. God gives us a status of mankind in Psalms 8:4 What is man, that thou art mindful of him? and the son of man, that thou visitest him?

Without the total yielding of the heart to Jesus Christ, it is impossible for mankind to yield to God Almighty. In part, yes, total, no. I’m not talking about mankind’s conduct in as much as yielding his heart.

We see this particularly with God’s Word. Man doesn’t want to completely say we have God’s Word infallible and inerrant. In short, He wants to always have the last say that a word should be according to him, not God. That is why we have so many translations. It is his position to have the last say how or what word should be in the Bible. If he does admit that we have God’s Word without error, he doesn’t have an excuse as what he believes. All words don’t mean the same.

To truly know God via His Word (that is the only way you can know God), you have to truly believe that the bible you hold in your hand is His Word without error, no exceptions. You may not understand it but you know its God’s Word.   You see, God’s Word stands on two pillars, inspiration and preservation. If it’s not from God, then why are we brothering with it. Their are lots of good mankind authors. Also, if God can’t preserve it, then we don’t have it anyhow.

God is quite capable of keeping His Word today without any errors, down to the jot and tittle. This is the smallest letter and mark in the Hebrew alphabet. Our God is that BIG!

Just think our great it is that He (God) even notices us, mankind, much less let His Son die on the cross for us.

A thought for today!

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