Critics of the King James Version usually say that the King James is written in Elizabethan English and we don’t speak like that anymore.

The truth is, neither did they at that time either, in 1611. Shakespeare’s plays were written in this same time period. They did not use the “eth” and “est” endings. Read the preface  to the KJV, written before 1611 by the translators. It does NOT sound like the King James Bible. It says “your very name” instead to “thy very name”. Remember, this is the preface, not the actual Bible itself.

The KJV translators used “thee, ye, thy, and thine.   Eth and est endings on verbs were used . These were used to show important grammatical and theological distinctions. The KJV English is Biblical English, not archaic English. This is clearly seen in the Greek and Hebrew text, as well as some vernacular bibles. It is much easier to learn than archaic koine Greek.

The second person singular in Greek has an “s” in the ending. The King James does this also. Modern translation for the most part don’t do this. By removing the eth and est from the verb endings, we take the English bible one step away from the Greek and Hebrew bible.

By putting eth on the third person, makes it easy for those learning English to understand from their own foreign language. This is a great plus for missionaries.

Most languages, including Greek and Hebrew, are what Linguist call “synthetic”. This means a single word (love) meaning blends with it ending (lovest) which indicates that it is a verb (an action) and this shows what it modifies (thou). These endings make reading and studying smooth and easy.

example: 1st person——I——-love

2nd person—————thou—-lovest

3rd person——–he, she, or it—loveth

Isn’t it amazing how God has made his Word more learnable, but we’re told by scholars how hard it is? Could it be someone doesn’t want us to know the Word of God?

note: This information was take from the book, “In Awe of the Word” by Gail Riplinger

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