King James Bible

Teaching moment:
The Biblical definition of “mercy”.
The Bible (KJV) has its own built-in definitions.
The modern dictionary defines mercy as “kind and compassionate treatment..a fortunate occurrence.
The Biblical definition makes it clear that the mercy shown by God to man is not just a kind token, but brought on by man’s “iniquity”, which would otherwise result in loss of life.
Genesis 19:19…………which thou hast shewed unto me in saving my life;
The special words “thou” and “thy” tell the reader that the subject is singular. Probably the Lord of Genesis 18:27 or Acts 10:14.
Bible definitions are different.
If you are serious about knowing God and His Word, you need to pay particular attention to the definition that the Bible offers.
Keep in mind, meanings change over time, but the definitions that the Bible offers don’t. God never changes. His word never changes.
To know God’s Word, you only have to have your heart set to learn from God. You don’t need a lot of letters behind your name.
The only thing that stands between you and God is YOU!
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