Horse Training-Initially

Once I have the horse where I can get my hands on him, I start by getting him used to be handled.

To get my hands on him can mean several different things. Some use a round pen to get the horse to come to you after a period of time running him around the pen till the only place he can rest is next to you. I’ve found that this generally takes someone who is accustom to handling horses, not the beginner. Actually, training the horse for a beginner has to be taken very slowly.

For me, I get a horse in a chute where I could get a halter on him with a drag line attached. With this method, you need to make sure the horses pen provides no place for the line to get caught on an object. When you ask the horse to allow you in his flight zone, you have the drag line to keep him within reach so to speak. In other words, you still have a line to keep him caught. As time goes on, he will allow to come to him without flight. Once this thoroughly established, you can take off the drag line and halter all together. This all needs to be done slowly and solidly to establish a good solid foundation. No shortcuts. Even after the halter and dragline is taken off you will need to work with him to catch him. Generally backing him in a pen without a escape route will do the trick. He will slowly let you halter him at anytime. This save you a lot of time in the future. I like to involve feed with process to get the horses attention off of his flight and on eating. Once they get this down, flight is not very common at all.

Next time, I will take about starting from the head back to gentle him down.

As usual, any comments are greatly appreciated.

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