Horse Training-from the ground-I

In my opinion, I want to emphasize “MY”, the groundwork in the most important foundation to be laid. It comes in several segments also.

My last post , I mentioned getting acquainted with the horse initially. This is something you really need to perfect in reading the horse. I believe your natural senses lead you in the right direction for the most part, IF you will be sensitive to your senses. What I mean by that is, trust you feelings. For the most part, you can tell when a  horse is going to shy away or is about to do something dangerous. However, having said that, you have to be a studier of the horse. look, analyze, hear, feel and smell everything you can about the horse. What I mean by that is, for example, look his/her eyes, what are they saying? are they somewhat relaxed? or they frightened? Or what are the ears doing? are they laid back? forward as is interested? or angry? A lot of these things you can sense without really knowing what your seeing. Oh, you will see it but you will sense it earlier. Your senses will give you time to back off and prevent something dangerous happening.

Trust your senses. Now, I’m not going to tell you that you will always know what is going to happen all of the time but you can a lot of the times. I’m speaking of the initial times though.

I’m talking of the beginning of your quest to make “this” horse” your friend, you trusted friend. This friend that your putting a lot of time into. Your not training this horse for someone else, your training this horse for yourself. This makes the decision of which horse you get all the more important. That again makes studying the horse that more important. You need to spend time on the ground, in the lot with the horse, just looking at him. Not asking anything of him, just developing that trust.

It takes patience, a lot of it. Any if you have picked your companion well, it will be well worth it.

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