I was watching Gunsmoke here a night or two again. At the end of the show, the cowboy rides off leaving his once home behind. The thought hit me what it was like to just take off with no boundaries or limitations. Of course, you had to be able to live off the land. What was it like to go where you wanted, stay as long as you wanted, do what you wanted? Back then you had no fences. You did have natural boundaries like rivers, lakes, mountains and deserts but these put no limitations if you were tough enough to handle them.

In all seriousness, their were boundaries, their always is in one form or another? But to see nature in its untouched status would have to be truly amazing.

This is true Freedom! If you were tough to handle it. I guess with true freedom, you have responsibilities. Responsibilities to keep yourself warm when its cold, keep yourself cold when its hot, keep yourself dry when its wet. To keep yourself safe when danger abounds, rather it’s another human or animals, the elements. All of these carried responsibilities, all of these. No doubt, this was an ongoing process.

But Oh, what a reward it was to experience this. To see things that will never be seen again once mankind pollutes it, changes it, and corrupts it to his liking.

I was just thinking about this. What that cowboy must have felt, thought and pondered on at that time. Of course, that is if he truly did exist. We do know the situation did exist. They were called saddle bums, mountain men, scouts, and anyone who choose the solitude lifestyle.

If you’ve ever ridden in mountain country with no visible sign of civilization around, you can catch just a slight glimpse of what it must have been like.

Ever been there? If so, what was it like?

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