Fort Concho, The Early Years-VI

In the early years, we did a lot of unit demonstrations. Most of the time it was drilling the unit in various maneuvers. With around 15-25 troopers, it was impressive. Of course it was nothing compared to the real historic drilling with probably around 100 troopers a least for a company. It was each individuals responsibility to know the commands. With that said, their was always the occasional misstep or goof up. Some troopers did it more than some but over all it was rare. We always called it, your other left”. This meant that if someone got a command to go to the left and he went to the right, that was the goof up.

I always enjoyed drilling the unit when I was first Sargent. Their was something about moving that many troopers around. It was kinda like driving a car. You had to be able to get around obstacles, or place in the proper place for the public to view.

It was common to put the unit into an inline formation so the public could see us all. We would give a talk or take any questions from interested individuals. It was fun. I really believed it educated the general public in the life of a cavalry trooper in the Indian Wars period.

Another drill we did was to demonstrate a charge. If you had a novice rider, this could be very intimidating. We tried to keep it at a hand gallop as the manual suggest but it seems it always ended up being a full fledge run or charge. We had several wrecks doing this. Nothing serious. We did that with a saber in hand. However, sometimes we did it with pistols. One thing to keep in mind, the saber is just as deadly today as it was back then. Of course, for the pistol, it was blanks, thought they could be very dangerous also.

Let me answer any questions you might have. I love to tell you about the unit and our functions. Just put you questions in the comments sections.

Don Shaw and me in formation at Ft Concho while I was riding Jasper.

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