Fort Concho Cavalry- The horses

Chance in Combat Horsemanship at Rt Riley 2012

Over the 30 years I was in the Fort Concho Cavalry, I used several different horses. As I have stated in my earlier post, I started out with a brown geldy by the name of Cash. He proved to be way to excitable for the cavalry.

For a short time, I used a bay mare by the name of Gay. She performed good but I bought another horse to replace her.

Jasper replaced Gay. Jasper was a lineback tiger stripe geldy. He carried a lot of Docs Perscription breeding. Doc Perscription was a  Doc Bar son. He was very well built and had a lot of good common sense. He would be my main cavalry mount for several years. In the early 90’s, I got interested in the Cavalry Olympics. I won some off of Jasper performing these events. Even Ray Thomas said he was a good horse and Ray doesn’t give compliments to often, at least not to me.

A little later on, I became interested in the Paint horses. Paint horses are a color breed and not a different breed in its self. In other words, you can have a quarter horse or thorobred with markings like a paint. I have secured a paint stallion. His name was Apache. He replaced Jasper. Jasper was to good of a horse to just let him sit around, so I sold him to Ronnie Hooker. Ronnie was a veterinarian in he cavalry unit. The kids were interested in other sports and I felt it best to do this.

With Apache, I assumed the position of scout with the cavalry unit. I was able to teach Apache to lie down and I would shoot over him. That seemed to be an attraction for the public.

I later bought another paint stallion named Cherokee. Cherokee was a homozygous for the tobiano color pattern. This meant he couldn’t throw a solid colored horse, just paints. Cherokee was a very intelligent and I taught him to lie down quickly. I won several competitions off of him with the cavalry games. He had a very level head on him for a stallion.

As Cherokee was getting older, I started using his son, Tudor. He had one of the most amazing smooth gaits. He was truly a pleasure to ride. I lost him to colic in 2010 right before the 2010 Nationals in San Angelo, Ft Concho. I brought Cherokee out of retirement. He was rusty and we didn’t do to good. That would change.

Later that year, Thanksgiving 2010, I made a trip to Nampa, Idaho with Christopher and Kacie to buy a palomino geldy named Chance. I have him to this day. He has been a truly good equine partner. He has won numerous awards in the cavalry games. His temperament is great for both adults and kids alike.

I’m a blessed man to have had so many good horses in my life.

What about you?

Don Shaw and me in formation at Ft Concho while I was riding Jasper.

Jasper at the cavalry school

Apache and me

Cherokee at the Nationals in Ft Reno, 2011

Cherokee at Ft Riley-2-12


The Hessie Cup Winner

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