Country Horseback Riding

Several days here ago, I was traveling down the highway. Actually, Kathy was driving while I was in the front passenger seat due to some health problems. I caught myself looking out over the terrain of vast pasture country.

Memories came flooding back over me of times in the past where I was riding in pasture or mountainous lands. So many specifics control  my thoughts. It was as if I was actually there again. I could nearly remember the horses foot placement as we walked along in terrain that demanded my constant attention. I remembered the shifting of my weight in the saddle as I looked out over land that definitely had God’s historical hands on it.

That feeling that penetrates your spirit when you see, feel and smell this pure land from the back of a horse. For me, there if just not many places that compare to such settings. From cresting a mountain’s edge and seeing the vast country on the other side to riding on a steep ledge and wondering if your going to make it without falling , all makes for memorable experiences. Plus adding to the fact that your doing it from the back of a horse just adds that much more to this spiritual experience. It’s like, everything, cares of life, just wash off of you while in this grant place. You feel a cleansing to the cares of this world, not to mention a closeness to God Himself. After all, He gave you this experience from the land, the horse and yes, even you.

Yes, this is a pleasure in life that doesn’t happen all of the time but when it does, it something to treasure and cherish for a lifetime. As years progress, it’s harder to experience this but the memories last for a life time.

What are your  memorable pleasures on the back of a horse?



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