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In the early years of my competition experience, their only existed 3 areas of competition. 3 levels existed within each area, started, open and advanced. Those areas not being ducks, sheep and cattle. You worked sheep and cattle in the same arena. Ducks where in a much smaller area. I can’t remember the exact size […]

Cain-Introduction to competition

Cain had a successful career as a competitor, especially in the trialing arena. As I stated in my earlier post about Cain, I acquired him the first part of 1981. I knew a few people previously from other purchases like the Gary and Wanda Bogy. We decided to take Cain down to Conroe, Texas for […]

Cain–His Temperament

I’ve spoken about Cain’s arrival and his working style. Now let me give you a glimpse of his temperament. A lot of aggressive stock dogs carry the same temperament in their their everyday life. This is not always the case but it can be. I’ve had some good ranch dogs in the past but had […]


In my earlier post on Cain, I had described how I got Cain or how it came about. This time, I want to describe what he was like as a stock dog. Cain was a red merle in color. He weigh about 50-55 lbs which is about medium for a male Australian shepherd. He had […]


It was approximate 11:00 PM in Midland, Texas at the airport, January 12th,1981. A cargo handler came around the counter with a dog crate on the wagon. I took it without inspecting the dog inside thoroughly. Maybe that was due to the time or the sign of the times, I’m not sure. As I got […]

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