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A Christian Western Story–Chapter 5

Hours turned into days, days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months. Quanah was a fast learner. His heart was pure in his learning. He had a strong belief in the supernatural things of life. With the story of Jesus Christ, it all came together for him. No doubt the Holy Spirit was at work […]

A Western Christian Story–Chapter 4

A WESTERN CHRISTIAN STORY—CHAPTER 4 Quanah wasn’t on the warpath today. He was just taking his time exploring, rather enjoying his surroundings. Since the white man had come into his life, this was a rare event to find time to relax. The truth of the matter, you could never completely relax in the wild. In […]

The Canyon–Chapter 4

The Canyon—Chapter 4 He wasn’t back. Prairie Chicken had to make a decision, actually the decision was already made. She had made it several days ago in  her mind. Her pinto mare had carried Prairie Chicken many miles and she would carry her many more. She was a black with a milky white color pattern. […]


Ned poured what was left of the coffee over the fire. He had his fill for the morning. He let the pot cool down and put it in his saddle bags. It was tight but it fit as it had numerous time before. Once the pot was in, he stood back and looked around. Not […]

The Trailer

He stood in his driveway as the he watched the horse trailer being towed away. It was bitter sweet for him. In one respects he needed to sell it. The sale had gone quickly. On the other hand, he was left without a trailer to haul his horses. One might ask, why would he sell […]

The Canyon-Chapter 3

The young Indian boy would have to walk. This was no big deal. He was used to walking, some at least. The lost of his horse had revealed something to him that he had been putting off. That was that he needed a new horse. A horse he would be proud to ride, a horse […]

A Western Christian Story–Chapter 3

He had gotten up before the sun was up. It had been a cold night but he stayed warm enough. He had made the coffee this morning, it was good. All seemed to be peaceful. It was nice here. The mustang took the saddle good enough, just a jump or two and he was ready […]


It had been 2 years since he has seen the black colt. He had grown a lot, even as a 2 year old. The wild did that to a horse. They had to be strong to survive. Every muscle had a purpose, every movement depended on muscles. They had to be strong to make it […]

A Western Christian Story–Chapter 2

Safely in the concealment of the pines, he pulled his horse to a complete stop. His eyes searching every detail around him. Sure  he has spared the young boy’s life, but that could be looked upon as weakness. He had no way of knowing for sure. He had to be on the alert. He checked […]

The Canyon.

The young Indian boy lay silent in the grass. He dared not move a muscle. Any movement could give away his location to the unsuspecting mare. The mare was ready to give birth. She was nervous. It was a very vulnerable time for her and her foal to be. She tested the air again, nothing. […]

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