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The Mother

The Mother Since today is Mother’s Day, I wanted to put a little something out there for your consideration. Of course, this will all come from the Bible. The Mother carries a special position as she is the beginning of all living. Ge 3:20 ¶ And Adam called his wife’s name Eve; because she was […]

21 Years And Counting

Today is my anniversary! I have been married to my fabulous wife for 21 years. She truly is amazing . I guess every man who is happily married say that, but she really is. Not to get to personal, but she puts with all my short comings. She always has. Yet she still loves me […]

The Easter Season

The season for Easter is upon us. Next Sunday with be the actual day that Easter is celebrated, April 17th. As with most truly religious holiday, they are shrouded with other elements of interest. For instance, Christmas has Santa Clause, Easter has the bunny. In my opinion, all to take away from the true meaning […]

Thoughts on Heaven

The Granddad sat on the back row on the bleachers at the YMCA. His grandson was playing basketball there. He was young, around 6 years old. In this setting, the bleachers were on one side for both teams. The separate team supporters would sit on one end, while the other supporters on the other end. […]

Personal Thoughts

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Every which way the wind blows” or “just follow the wind”? Probably you have heard these and a few more. Most of the time, it’s just referring to “just go with the flow” or “it is what it is”. Sounds kinda immature to me, does it you? In some […]

Tragedy Of The Cavalry Horses

I was 1st sergeant of the Fort Concho Cavalry during the early 1990’s. During one of our demonstrations at Fort Clark, I lead the unit in several cavalry drills. At the time I was riding Jasper, a line back dun gelding. As usual, after such demonstrations, we would line up in front of the public […]

The Ride

He put on his ridding boots. He had just taken his work boots off and put on his ridding boots. The work boots were to heavy to ride in. In the past his ridding boots were his work boots but feet problems had altered that. Right now it was ridding boots. His granddaughter had saddled […]

The Trailer

He stood in his driveway as the he watched the horse trailer being towed away. It was bitter sweet for him. In one respects he needed to sell it. The sale had gone quickly. On the other hand, he was left without a trailer to haul his horses. One might ask, why would he sell […]

The Future Of The Child

The old man was seated in the Chair, the chair for the dinning room table. He was watching the preparation of the meal to come. He was relaxing to say the least. One of his daughter-in-laws handed him the 2 month old baby. “Here, do you want to hold your grandchild?’ she asked. “You bet […]

The Horrors Of Hauling Horses

I have previously submitted a post here about hauling horses or pulling trailers in general. I want to tell a tale here of hauling a horse that went wrong, very wrong. In my younger days, I had a horse that needed a lot of time on him. He needed to ridden. My friend had someone […]

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