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Thoughts on Heaven

The Granddad sat on the back row on the bleachers at the YMCA. His grandson was playing basketball there. He was young, around 6 years old. In this setting, the bleachers were on one side for both teams. The separate team supporters would sit on one end, while the other supporters on the other end. […]

The Ride

He put on his ridding boots. He had just taken his work boots off and put on his ridding boots. The work boots were to heavy to ride in. In the past his ridding boots were his work boots but feet problems had altered that. Right now it was ridding boots. His granddaughter had saddled […]

Idaho for Chance–

It always bring me pleasure when I think about making the trip to Idaho to buy Chance. It brings peace to me mentally. Not sure why, was it buying a new horse, was it traveling up North which I love to do. I don’t know, just I really enjoy the memory. I had lost my […]

Country Horseback Riding

Several days here ago, I was traveling down the highway. Actually, Kathy was driving while I was in the front passenger seat due to some health problems. I caught myself looking out over the terrain of vast pasture country. Memories came flooding back over me of times in the past where I was riding in […]

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