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The Grand Entry

The year was around 1992, I was 1st Sargent for the Fort Concho Cavalry. It was my first year to lead this bunch of good guys. We all had a passion for horses and the historical western cavalry. At this time, I was riding Jasper predominantly. Jasper was a line back dun with tiger stripe […]

Tragedy Of The Cavalry Horses

I was 1st sergeant of the Fort Concho Cavalry during the early 1990’s. During one of our demonstrations at Fort Clark, I lead the unit in several cavalry drills. At the time I was riding Jasper, a line back dun gelding. As usual, after such demonstrations, we would line up in front of the public […]

Fort Concho Cavalry- The horses

Over the 30 years I was in the Fort Concho Cavalry, I used several different horses. As I have stated in my earlier post, I started out with a brown geldy by the name of Cash. He proved to be way to excitable for the cavalry. For a short time, I used a bay mare […]

Veterans Day

Today, November 11th, is Veterans Day. Let us all be thankful for our military who have served and who are serving. They   have paid such a great price for the freedoms we now enjoy. If you see someone you know that is a veteran, tell them thank you., not just today but other days throughout […]

Fort Concho, The Early Years-VI

In the early years, we did a lot of unit demonstrations. Most of the time it was drilling the unit in various maneuvers. With around 15-25 troopers, it was impressive. Of course it was nothing compared to the real historic drilling with probably around 100 troopers a least for a company. It was each individuals […]

Ft Concho, The Early Years: V

The first several years where filled with much anticipation of any and all events. I was young and able to handle most horses I rode, even though they were spooky and unruly at times. Despite this, I didn’t like wrecks so I trained my horses as much as I could at home to get them […]

Ft Concho- Early Years–IV

In the early part of my participation with the Ft Concho Cavalry, we stayed pretty active. We had several events at the Fort (Ft Concho) plus several nice event away that kept us busy. The attendance at other forts generally fell into tow categories, field events or parades. No doubt the field events were the […]

Fort Concho Cavalry–Early Years III

For the most part, the first several years with the Fort Concho Cavalry consisted of monthly practices, parades and attending other forts which I thoroughly enjoyed. However, after that, the cavalry competition came into focus. I became aware of this  early on at Christmas @ Ole Concho events in December. My first horse, Cash Had […]

Ft Concho–Early Years-II

I was now part of the Fort Concho Cavalry. I was riding Cash, a nice horse but not to level headed in these sort of events. Yes, given  time he  probably would have turned out fine but I was in a hurry to get something I could depend on under these circumstances. Let me give […]

Ft Concho Cavalry- The early years

Right after I enrolled with the Ft Concho Cavalry, I attended the Labor Day event in Ft Davis. Russell, my oldest son, was with me. His horse’s name was Tanneria. She was a buckskin. He rode her very well. On this particular trip, one particular event took place that comes to my mind. Ft Davis […]

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