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FRUITS OF THE SPIRIT Several lessons ago, a cousin of mine made the comments that one of the teachings encouraged her in her daily walk with Jesus Christ. This got me to thinking about our lives and service to Jesus Christ. More specifically how do we know when we are in the right path. I’m […]

Restoration of the Heart

In my reading this morning, I came across a chapter that caught my eye as it relates to the heart, our hearts. I have taught on the heart several times before but wanted to make a few comments here today if I may. The passage is in Jeremiah 24. This chapter is dealing with the […]

The Mother

The Mother Since today is Mother’s Day, I wanted to put a little something out there for your consideration. Of course, this will all come from the Bible. The Mother carries a special position as she is the beginning of all living. Ge 3:20 ¶ And Adam called his wife’s name Eve; because she was […]

The Easter Season

The season for Easter is upon us. Next Sunday with be the actual day that Easter is celebrated, April 17th. As with most truly religious holiday, they are shrouded with other elements of interest. For instance, Christmas has Santa Clause, Easter has the bunny. In my opinion, all to take away from the true meaning […]

Why The King James Bible? II

Reason #5: The King James Version is the only translated that was open to the public. Every other translation has been behind closed doors. Their were 54 scholars appointed in 1604. Several would die before the translation was finished leaving it down to 47. Of these, their were divided into 3 groups at different locations. […]

Why The King James Bible? I

Why I believe the King James is the inerrant and infallible Word of God.   I will endeavor to give numerous reasons for my belief in the King James version. In these reasons, I will, from time to time, ask you some questions to ponder on. This paper is not designed to cause division but […]

Translation Review-NAS

New American Standard: WHAT’S MISSING FROM THE NEW AMERICAN STANDARD? Just from my sample of verses in Chapter 17 (and this is by no means exhaustive) in the New American Standard: “Lord” is missing 15 times. “Jesus” is missing 9 times. “Christ” is missing 30 times. “Jesus Christ” or “Christ Jesus” is missing 4 times […]

Personal Thoughts

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Every which way the wind blows” or “just follow the wind”? Probably you have heard these and a few more. Most of the time, it’s just referring to “just go with the flow” or “it is what it is”. Sounds kinda immature to me, does it you? In some […]

The Fake

I want to paste an article I read today that I thought you all would find interesting. In case your wondering what the Sinaticus is, it’s the manuscripts that all of the “Modern translations” are taken from. I found this article interesting. THE FINGERPRINTS OF A FAKE By author: David W. Daniels When we look at […]


Today, I want to make a few comments about liars. Have you ever thought about how the world would be different if lying didn’t exist? Maybe it’s just my age but it seems it’s gotten worse. In the world of business, it horrible. If money is attached, anything will be said to get the “deal”. […]

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