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Mountain Trips on a Horse–’97, Palo Duro Canyon

After my trip to the mountains in Santa Fe, New Mexico I was completely hooked. On that trip, I had used a stock trailer. With the horses in the rear, it made traveling kinda dangerous. It put to much weight on the back of the trailer and in turn lifted the rear end of the […]

Mountain Horseback Trip—II

I had one trip under my belt and I was completely hooked. It was something I looked for each year. I would plan and look forward to it months in advance of the event. The second trip would have several attending. Russell was graduating from Hight School this year. I left a day before and […]

Horseback Mountain Trips

I had been in the Ft Concho Cavalry for approximately 5 years when Gary Carpenter suggested we take a horseback trip to the mountains. He and Gerry Keiker had taken one the year before. The first year I went with him was in 1996. It was would be me, Russell, Gary and Barney to take […]

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