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The Grand Entry

The year was around 1992, I was 1st Sargent for the Fort Concho Cavalry. It was my first year to lead this bunch of good guys. We all had a passion for horses and the historical western cavalry. At this time, I was riding Jasper predominantly. Jasper was a line back dun with tiger stripe […]

Tragedy Of The Cavalry Horses

I was 1st sergeant of the Fort Concho Cavalry during the early 1990’s. During one of our demonstrations at Fort Clark, I lead the unit in several cavalry drills. At the time I was riding Jasper, a line back dun gelding. As usual, after such demonstrations, we would line up in front of the public […]

Swords and Horses

We get on from the left and get off on the left. We tack up on the left and untack on the left. We do it because that is what we were taught, but why? The super-short answer: Right-handed sword-wielding. The slightly longer answer: Cast your mind back a few hundred years and envision wandering […]

Veterans Day

Today, November 11th, is Veterans Day. Let us all be thankful for our military who have served and who are serving. They   have paid such a great price for the freedoms we now enjoy. If you see someone you know that is a veteran, tell them thank you., not just today but other days throughout […]

Ft Concho, The Early Years: V

The first several years where filled with much anticipation of any and all events. I was young and able to handle most horses I rode, even though they were spooky and unruly at times. Despite this, I didn’t like wrecks so I trained my horses as much as I could at home to get them […]


As General Custer and over 250 of his men rode off into eternity, a legend was in the making. Most of the time ,we hear that the only living thing left (on the US Military side) after this battle was Comanche, ridden by Captain Myles W. Keogh. I’m sure their were wounded horses from this […]

National Cavalry Competition–Day 2

  Today, September 23rd, will usher in the intense competitions of Combat Horsemanship and Mounted Sabers. Though different in time requirements, both offer an informative basis for what it was like to be mounted in combat. Combat Horsemanship shows the individual’s necessary maneuvers as it relates to combat itself. From Side pass, backing through the […]

2021 National Cavalry Competition–day 1

Today, September 22, marks the beginning of the competition in Ft Reno,  in El Reno, Oklahoma. The competition of Military Horsemanship began at 1:00 pm. This competition is a series of procedures required of the horse on a set pattern. The higher the level, the more demanding the procedure to be accomplished, with different gaits […]

Man’s War Companion

The book of Job is generally considered the oldest book in the English bible. Some place it around 1,500 BC. Yet in the 39th chapter of this book, we see the mention of the War Horse. This tells us at even that far back, the horse was an instrument of war for the cavalry then. […]

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