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The Horrors Of Hauling Horses

I have previously submitted a post here about hauling horses or pulling trailers in general. I want to tell a tale here of hauling a horse that went wrong, very wrong. In my younger days, I had a horse that needed a lot of time on him. He needed to ridden. My friend had someone […]

Traveling With a Trailer-II

In the last post  on this subject, we discussed keeping you hauling rig balance. That means no dips either from the front or the rear. This segment I want to talk about the tires. In most instances, you will be concerned with 8 tires, sometimes 10 but most of the time 8. That is 4 […]

Hauling That Horse Trailer or RV

It’s imperative that you know the specs on both your trailer and pickup (hauling unit) before hooking up and going down the road. You need to know this in order to be safe for both you and your horses, plus protect you property. The first thing is to be balanced. An side view of your […]

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