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John Deere to Sell Diagnostic Software Directly to Farmers

 Farmers Demand Right to Fix Their Own Dang Tractors] Farmers across the US have long wanted the right to fix their own tractors. And in March, John Deere—which controls 50 percent of the tractor and combine trade in North America— announced it would give it to them. Kind of. Farmers’ fight to fix their own machinery […]

It’s Time to Put Daylight Saving Time to Bed

Have you heard the one about Daylight Saving Time (DST) and farmers? As the story goes, farmers and agriculture groups lobbied for DST in order to have more light at the end of their day to complete their work. One Texas state rep even credited farmers with introducing DST, when he promoted a bill that […]

Oregon Becomes Eighth State to Pass Overtime Pay for Farmworkers

After recent years of record-high temperatures and raging wildfires, Oregon farmworkers will now be entitled to overtime pay under a bill passed by the state legislature last week. The legislation states that farmworkers will eventually be entitled to overtime pay after 40 hours of work. If signed by Oregon Governor Kate Brown, as is expected, […]

In Georgia, 19 Families Are Building a Farm to Feed Their Black Community

Ashley Scott got a glimpse of what it means to be self-sufficient far before the era of pandemic gardening. It was 2014, and Scott, fresh out of college, decided to grow a patch of cucumbers in her backyard as a small pet project. Weeks later, however, her tiny garden manifested into something bigger than she’d […]

US Farm Income Expected to Decrease In 2022

The 2022 Farm Sector Income report, released last week, forecasts a $20-billion increase in farm production expenses and a $15.5-billion decrease in federal subsidies. For a lot of farmers, many of whom have relied on pandemic-related grants over the past two years, that’s not very good news. The forecast, published on Feb. 4 by the […]

Cotton Harvest

The fall time of the years brings back lots of memories when I was young. Like most things in life, their have been a lot of changes. Most of them are good in the harvesting of cotton out of the fields. In this respects, the changes have been good. When I was real you, they […]

Farm Life- The Fall Harvest

Fall has always been a special time of the year for me. The feeling you get when the temps start to drop some. It always made me want to go to the mountains. However, on the Farm, it meant plant wheat and getting ready to start stripping cotton. Getting the cotton out of the field […]

A Farm Life

Having grown up on a farm, I can testify to the purity of the life style. I can verify the feeling on seeing the sun come up on the horizon before starting the days work on the farm itself. It’s really hard to put into words the feeling this generates. It’s a closeness to God […]

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