It was approximate 11:00 PM in Midland, Texas at the airport, January 12th,1981. A cargo handler came around the counter with a dog crate on the wagon. I took it without inspecting the dog inside thoroughly. Maybe that was due to the time or the sign of the times, I’m not sure. As I got to my pickup, a Ford Supercab F250, I opened the back door behind the driver seat. This was when Ford just coming out with the supercab. It only had one door in the back behind the driver’s seat. I put the leash on the dog inside. I wasn’t going to take any chances of him running off. The leash wasn’t necessary. Charla was seated in the front passenger seat. Russell was somewhere in the back seat. I asked the dog to get in the back seat. He immediately came out of the crate, crawled right into the rear passenger seat, sit down on his haunches, looked at me and Charla. He seemed to say, “Hello, my name is Windsong’s Raisin Cain but you can call me Cain, Hello.”

This was my first physical introduction to Cain. He would have such an impact on my life, both in and out of the trialing arena.

To back up some thought, earlier in 1980, I had decided I need a stock dog to help me on my ranch in eastern New Mexico. I purchased a red heeler to do this, named Cinnamon.  A good friend of mine, Neal Tindol had a blue Australian Shepherd that was really good, both in and out of the stockyard. Later, I decided to breed Australian Shepherds. I really enjoyed their abilities and their personalities. I bought several females from different breeders not knowing exactly what I needed. I went to Missouri to see a breeder. His name was Carl Tate. He had some good Woods-bred dog. I bought a couple. In our conversation, He said what I needed was a good stud dog. He told me of Kathy Warren who had a dog named Windsong’s Raisin Cain. He had been trialed some with success. He was around 4 years at the time. On December  4th, 1980, I called Kathy. She told me about him and what he would cost. I told her  I wanted him. She said she wanted to think about it before she sealed the deal. On December 6th, she ok’d the deal. I would own the best dog I could ever hope for.

Next time, I will describe Cain more.

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