A Western Christian Story–Chapter 2

Safely in the concealment of the pines, he pulled his horse to a complete stop. His eyes searching every detail around him. Sure  he has spared the young boy’s life, but that could be looked upon as weakness. He had no way of knowing for sure. He had to be on the alert. He checked his back trail, no sign of movement, no sign of the Indian boy. He was relieved. At least for the moment.

He was still cold. And he had to admit it, he was lonely. He loved the wild country, loved it a lot. It was who he was. It was where he belonged. He just sensed that his life was more than just running around in wild country. Did he have another purpose in life, a destiny so to speak? He had prayed about this but he never really got a clear picture of what to do. Of course, isn’t that just part of living for God? In trusting him to lead you? It still bothered him, did he go? did he stay? He had to be patient, he knew that.

He  gently kicked the mustang forward. The horse sensed his uneasiness. It bothered him. He and the man had been together for a long time. Most of the time, his security came from this man’s peaceful nature. It was a secure feeling to the mustang. Why was he uneasy? The horse couldn’t know. He had to be on the alert.

Six hours later, they reached the top of the lower ridge. It was nice here, green grass, lust green grass. The mustang instinctively test the air with his nostrils, nothing. The larger mountain offered a backdrop. It was breathtaking, her thought. It would very humbling, that was for sure. He always felt like he was closer to God here.

This country was beautiful. It was dangerous though. You had to live according to it rules or you wouldn’t live at all. It was just that simple. You didn’t moan or complain, you just did what it took to stay alive. Wild country had it’s own ways. The survival of the strong. It was that way with animals, it was that way with men. It was that way with women.

Oh women, that was a subject he hadn’t thought about in a while. Would he ever take a wife? Could he settle down to make a good husband. He felt he would make a good husband if he found the right woman. In this country, he would be lucky to find any woman, much less the right woman. He put the thought on the back burner so to speak, it was not important now. Or so he thought.

He studied the green pasture. It appeared to be safe. The mustang needed to graze. They had seen a stream behind him, so there was water too. He would bed down for the night. He lifted his right leg over the bedroll behind the saddle, as he stepped down. All the time keeping an eye on the surroundings. There was a little clearing on the edge of the pasture he would camp for the night. It was 200 hundred yard ahead. He walked, it was good for him and it would give the mustang a break, not that he needed it.

When he got to the perspective camping area, he stopped suddenly. Tracks! wagon tracks! What were wagon tracks doing here. It had looked like they had spent the night here several days ago. He couldn’t be for sure how long though. Yes, they camped here.  The mustang snorted a little. He was nervous. Their was boots tracks all around. Obviously, they weren’t to concerned about concealing their tracks. Green horns, no doubt. One of the tracks were a youngster. The other was a woman, he thought. He didn’t see any tracks of that of a man. That was odd, he thought, very odd. No women needed to be alone in this country, especially with Indians all about.

The subject of women just went to the “front” burner. He had to find them and help if he could.

The mustang took a bit of grass, it was good, very good.

He stripped the saddle from the mustang. He would use it as a pillow. Hopefully this night a warm fire and cup of coffee wouldn’t be disturbed like it had been earlier. Hopefully!

The fire was small. It was under the pines as to not give away his location with the smoke. The smoke would be gone by the time it came out of the trees.

hot coffee and jerky, it didn’t get much better than this. He loved this peaceful place. Loved it a lot. Was this where he was meant to be. In good time, in good time. He prayed!

Tomorrow, he would start his search for the woman and child.



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  1. Mandy says:

    Excellent 2nd installment! Looking forward to the next

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