A Farm Life

Having grown up on a farm, I can testify to the purity of the life style. I can verify the feeling on seeing the sun come up on the horizon before starting the days work on the farm itself. It’s really hard to put into words the feeling this generates. It’s a closeness to God that few other places have. All places ,for the most part, have a potential for being close to God if we only look for it, but this seems to be more readily accessible on the farm or ranch. It’s almost like seeing a cow give birth to a calf. That feeling of a new life. Watching the sun come up on the cotton crop or the smell of fresh alfalfa while its being watered is unmatched in life. You just have to be there to feel it, to see, and let it pierce you very soul. In a lot of ways, its like being on a mountain top and looking down a the vast terrain below, after a long horseback ride to the top. It’s seeing God’s creation firsthand. I suppose most people have that special place of intimacy with God that is only generated in these special local. Though available to all mankind, we have that special feeling its just for each of us individually.

I grew up on a farm. I remember rising early in the morning while moving irrigation pipe to water the cotton or crops. These memories will always be part to who and what I am. After 60 years, I still can reach and touch that special moment. We all have this place, the farm was my place. My place where all cares seem to wash completely off me. Where I can hear the voice of God if I listen closely. I encourage you to think on your special!

The Farm!!!!

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