A Cowboy’s Thanksgiving Prayer

He wasn’t young, as a matter of fact, he was getting some age on him but he still handled his duties as good as he ever did.

He shifted his body forward some to compensate for the horse he was riding who was climbing uphill in an effort to get to the cress that over looked the canyon. this plateau was always a place of comfort for him, both physically and spiritually. It held a strong emotion also. Something he didn’t know why but he definitely knew it was there.

As his horse, Buck, rounded the cedar tree, he was the clearing on the top. A few more steps and they would be there, on top, the plateau. He stopped, taking in the beautiful scenery. Shifting himself in the saddle, he sucked in everything he could from this place, everything.

With his split reins in his left hand, he placed his right hand on the saddle horn. Then he shifted his right foot out of the stirrup, slowly moving it back and over the horse hip. Another rear movement would put this right boot on the ground. Pulling is boot out of the left stirrup, he stood upright with Buck at his side. Then throwing one rein over the saddle horn, he held the other in his hand. Moving toward the cedar brush, he tied Buck to the 3′ branch.

Walking to the edge of the plateau, once again he took in all it’s beautiful.

Then as if under a command, the knelt down on one knee. He removed his hat, bowed his head and closed his eyes. He prayed.

Dear Heavenly Father. I just want to thank you for today and all the blessings you have given me. Lord, I always want to give thanks but today I want to make it special. Being Thanksgiving, I want to make it special to say “thank you”. I know you given me so much that I can be a cowboy and enjoy your gifts of living this pure life. I see what is happening in this world and see the wickedness that abounds. But I know You are greater than all of that. Your God!

I also know that Jesus Christ is my Lord and savior. I know the price he paid for me on that cross so many years ago. And I also know that Jesus Christ is God. I know that you, Jesus and the Holy Spirit share the God Head. 3 different but 1. This I know because you said so in your Word.

I know in this place I fell your presence. That’s real dear to me, Lord. This is just one of the many things I want to thank you for. I don’t want anything to jeopardize that. I always want to feel your hand on me.

I know my time to short, maybe not that short, but short. Please give me the heart and drive to serve you right up the very end, even if my old body doesn’t want to do anything.

Their so many things I could give thanks for. Your so merciful. For that, thank you.

In Jesus Christ name, amen.

The cowboy was still for a time, his eyes closed. He grabbed his handkerchief and wiped his eyes. To him, this was an emotional place. Truth of the matter, it was always emotional when he was in the presence of the Lord.

He walked back over to the cedar brush, untied Buck, stepped in the saddle. He headed Buck back down the trail he was on coming up to the plateau. As he was going down the trail, he looked out over the beautiful canyon. He taking in the beauty, then he just said, “Thank You God, Thank You. It’s Thanksgiving.

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  1. Rick Dill says:

    Very nice. I felt like I could have been that cowboy giving thanks!

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