A Christian Western Story–Chapter 5

Hours turned into days, days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months.

Quanah was a fast learner. His heart was pure in his learning. He had a strong belief in the supernatural things of life. With the story of Jesus Christ, it all came together for him. No doubt the Holy Spirit was at work in this man’s life. Zeb was the instrument that God used to teach Quanah the truth. It was not Zeb’s truth, but the truth of the Bible. Not only was Quanah learning the things of God, but he was learning how to read also. Within several months, he was able to negotiate his way through the scriptures with the exceptions of the really hard words.

It was a fruitful time. Not only was Quanah learning, but so was Ester May and daughter, Rosa Lee. In Zeb’s mind, he knew he couldn’t teach them everything, but he wanted to make sure they knew how to study for themselves. There was one little problem with this, there was just one bible, one King James Bible. Everyone was quick to memorize but they still needed the physical word, if possible.

It was interesting how each individual picked upon a particular part of scripture. Rose lee on the things that addressed growth, like the growth of animals, learning and herself. Ester May on the things embracing love, the love of God toward us, his sacrifice. Quanah learned all of these but he seemed to rally get the spiritual feelings, rather Godly or demonic. He seemed to sense the things of the Devil according to description provided in the Good Book. Additionally, he feel the Holy Spirit had counseled and taught accordingly. This wasn’t just book learning, this was far deeper than that. Zeb could really sense something special about this man, a calling on his life. He didn’t know what but the felt it.

The real test would come when they had to live what they had learned.

Especially Quanah, it was not uncommon for an individual to leave the tribe for months at a time, to seek spiritual guidance, enlighten. Most of the time, this was from Native American culture. What he had learn from the Good Book was far and away from that. In a world of kill or be killed, it would be a hard path to follow, regardless of what world you came from. He would have the “comforter” with him. It may cost him his life, just as it had Jesus Christ. Quanah had accepted Jesus Christ has his Lord and Savior like the others had, but he more to learn about this new to him belief. He had the heart of a child just exactly what God wanted of him.

Quanah was an insightful man. He had seen what was happening between Ester May and Zeb, even if they didn’t know it themselves. He also knew what was happening to Rosa Lee. She developed a extremely str0ng love for Zeb, a father-daughter connection.

Ester May knew she felt something but denied it due to her late husband. It was to her a feeling of betrayal to him. She couldn’t have that. She had loved him deeply but that love, though still evident,   was in the past. Given time, her current feelings for Zeb would surface to overthrow the old feelings, though it might take some time. When it happens, these feeling will come flooding through with a great force.

Zeb knew Ester May was the woman for him. He couldn’t be sure about how she felt. As with most thing pertaining to him, he was patient. If it was meant to be, it would happen. He didn’t know much about women, but what he did know was that you can’t push them. Not that he wanted to push her, but he wanted it to be right for all involved. He knew how Rosa Lee felt. And he knew how he felt, or at least he thought he did.

Time would tell!

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