21 Years And Counting

Today is my anniversary! I have been married to my fabulous wife for 21 years. She truly is amazing . I guess every man who is happily married say that, but she really is. Not to get to personal, but she puts with all my short comings. She always has. Yet she still loves me unconditionally. That is not to say that she makes her “comments” from time to time. Comments that sometimes sent me over the edge. Regardless of all that, she is by my side every day, in the bad and trying times and in the good times.

I know none of us know how much time we have left here on this earth. Taking this into consideration, I try to recognize that life is too short to spend it on senseless stuff, stuff that makes no sense. We have to make every day or minute count.

I see her getting older, even though she doesn’t want to admit it. I know she sees me getting older and unable to do the things I once did. No doubt this puts more pressure on her to carry on our daily lives. I dearly want to take that burden off of her. I fear I’ve failed in that respects.

It’s no secret to me that as the time approaching, we are more intertwined together tightly. She truly is a gift from God! I never want to lose that knowledge of the most perfect human gift I could ever receive. I am blessed beyond measure. You simply can’t put a value on something like that. I can’t be done. Somethings can’t be measure, no matter how hard we tried.

In looking back, I can see the bonding over the years. The bonds that kept us together. The bond that could only have come from the Holy Spirit, otherwise we would have been torn apart. The bond over the years that have made us stronger, not only between each other but before God. It’s that what really matters?

When my time comes to go to the other side, I can rest assured that I have been loved by a great woman of God in her duty to her husband. I can only pray that I measure up at that time as her husband. I have no misgivings about the position I hold as her husband.

May God give me the strength and power to fill it according to His dictates. May He give me the power to always make her filled loved regardless of all around us.

I am a blessed man. I have a blessed woman. Happy anniversary.

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