Traveling With a Trailer-II

In the last post  on this subject, we discussed keeping you hauling rig balance. That means no dips either from the front or the rear.

This segment I want to talk about the tires. In most instances, you will be concerned with 8 tires, sometimes 10 but most of the time 8. That is 4 on the pulling unit, pickup and 4 on the trailer. Like I said, you may have more.

Two things you really want to be concerned with.  One is the weight carrying capacity on both the pickup and trailer. You need to look closely at the side of the tire. You’ll probably have to clean it off as it is in small letters stamped on the side. It will give you a range to carrying capacity. Remember, the weight you are carrying will be divided by the number of tires you have. I’m talking about the trailer right now.

Example, say for instance you hauling 8 thousand pounds of weight. You have 4 tires, divide 8,000lbs by 4tires  and you have a minimum requirement of 2,000 lbs per tire which isn’t much. It is really important that you know how much weight your hauling.

Their will be other factors but regardless of how much a unit is designed to carry, if the tires are under rated, your in trouble. Construction of the tire is a factor also.

Another thing is the tire pressure. Once again, this will be stamped on the tire side. It will give you a range to work with. If you hauling on the light side of the weight carrying range, you may want to keep the tire pressure on the lower end of the tire pressure range.

As a side note, when hauling in the heat, watch your speed. High speed creates heat, heat causes blow outs.

Like I said, their will be other factors, even on the tires themselves but weight and tire pressure are extremely important.

Any thoughts and comments are always welcome.

Happy hauling.

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