Translation Review-NAS

New American Standard:


Just from my sample of verses in Chapter 17 (and this is by no means exhaustive) in the New American Standard:

  • “Lord” is missing 15 times.
  • “Jesus” is missing 9 times.
  • “Christ” is missing 30 times.
  • “Jesus Christ” or “Christ Jesus” is missing 4 times
  • “Lord Jesus Christ” is missing 3 times

People not raised on the KJV are growing to doubt that Jesus Christ is God, that Christ is Lord and even the clear Bible doctrine that He is the only way to heaven. You cannot deny it: the Devil’s plan is working.

Remember this: Satan doesn’t want every word omitted; it would be too obvious. Instead, he wants to fuel your doubts about the doctrines of the verses that are left. As Frank Logsdon put it, “It is done so subtly that very few would discover it.”

Does it work? The proof is all around you. Look at the church today. What doctrines are more Evangelicals and others having the greatest problems believing? They are the very doctrines that Satan meant to chip away at, by taking out words, phrases and verses in ancient Alexandrian and modern Bibles.

Here are some more examples from our sampling of verses:

  • In Luke 4:8, Jesus’ command to the devil, “Get thee behind me, Satan,” is missing.
  • In Mark 9:29; Acts 10:30 and 1 Corinthians 7:5 “fasting” is missing.
  • In Matthew 17:21, “prayer and fasting” are both missing.
  • “Hell” has almost disappeared, reduced from 54 verses to only 13. Words from Mark 9:45 and all of 9:44 and 46, where Christ repeated Himself in exclaiming the dangers of hell, have been removed as well.

Is it any wonder that doctrines about Satan, prayer, fasting, and the existence and nature of hell, are questioned and doubted by modern preachers, teachers and youth?

  • In Luke 24:51, the statement about Jesus’ ascension, “and [was] carried up into heaven,” is missing. But Luke himself, by the inspiration of God, told us he wrote these words. In Acts 1:1-2 Luke wrote: “The former treatise have I made” (referring to the Gospel of Luke) “of all that Jesus began both to do and to teach …until the day in which he was taken up….” How could God make it more obvious that these words belong? But the NAS translators trusted Westcott and Hort and their “textual criticism,” relying on one of their favorite texts, Codex Sinaiticus—even though almost every other manuscript in the world has those words. Should we trust these “scholars,” or what God has preserved?


Remember: There is an attack on God’s Word. Anything is acceptable as long as it keeps the Word of God out of your hands, and therefore out of your hearts.

My research was taken from David Daniels Book, “Look What’s Missing”.

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