Thoughts on Heaven

The Granddad sat on the back row on the bleachers at the YMCA. His grandson was playing basketball there. He was young, around 6 years old. In this setting, the bleachers were on one side for both teams. The separate team supporters would sit on one end, while the other supporters on the other end. You had to walk past the one set of supporters to get the other end. It was for this reason, the man and his wife took a seat with the opposing team supporters. With was accompanied their daughter who looked to be around 10 or 11, maybe 12 years of age. The threesome took a seat in front of the Granddad. This was not hostile environment by any means, just people wanting to see their favorite player perform, rather a son, daughter, grandson, or granddaughter. It was pleasant. Different but alike.

The young girl looked around, immediately acknowledging the fact that they were on the other teams bleacher. No problem. The assumed parents appeared to be nice people from the observance of the Granddad. At the halftime, the young girl got up to take her brother (I assume) a bottle of water. He took it gladly. When she got ready to return to the bleachers where she seated, she gave her assumed brother a big hug. It was very nice thing to see. No drama, not unpleasant, just pure love from each other.

Several weeks later, as the old man sat in his vehicle at the Sonic drive eating a hamburger, a pickup drove up at the end of the pull ins. This pickup was a black crew Cab Ford that driven by a young lady. The right rear window was down. In the opening was an older black Lab. What caught the Old man’s attention was the nose of the older dog, it was twitching as to discern all of the scents available to his sensitive nose. At last he relaxed and placed his muzzle on the door opening. It was apparent that the dog was deeply loved by the lady in the driver seat. Oh, nothing was done, nothing said to the dog but you just knew that he was part of the family. You must knew he was a part of the family as much as if she had given birth to him. At last the old man felt something about this, this was love. His thoughts ran off and he began to wonder, is this what heaven is like. Oh not the specific situation but the love part. That deep spiritual feeling of love.

The Bible tells us God is Love.

Each of these situations, he felt the presence of peace and love in a pure form.

It’s a pity that the world doesn’t have more of this. Maybe it does, we just have to really look for it.

The old man felt blessed to have experienced each of these.

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