The Trailer

He stood in his driveway as the he watched the horse trailer being towed away. It was bitter sweet for him. In one respects he needed to sell it. The sale had gone quickly. On the other hand, he was left without a trailer to haul his horses. One might ask, why would he sell his trailer when he still had need of one. Their were two reasons, one I will go into here.

The short of it was that his health was failing him. He figured that he would be here one day but he thought it would be a lot further down the road of father time. In his mind, he tried to tell himself that he would get better a little later on, but that was not happening. He kept telling himself, “cowboy up” but the pain was getting more and more challenging all of the time. So sadly, he made the decision to sell the trailer. It was a positive move under the circumstances.

So there he stood, looking, not emotional, just there. Time passes on.

Later on, he got to thinking about it. Since he was able to pull a trailer, stock or horse trailer, he always had a trailer. It was either one of his Dad’s or his. When he was in college his Dad had bought him a two horse Hale trailer that he pulled behind his 1970 Ford Ranchero. He had a 351 Cleveland motor in it. It had no problem with the trailer, loaded or not. Since then, he had always had a trailer. Till now!

Age has a way of making us all look things square in the eye. This was one of times. And so it was, he was getting older and his health was not good, especially for ridding horses. Bad health and getting older are often times companions but not always.  In his case, they were fast friends.

You just have to adjust to things that come your way. This was one of those times.

The trailer went over the hill. Would he ever see it again, he didn’t think so.

A balance pickup and trailer


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