The Lucky Young Black Bear

Oh, he loves blackberries. He could eat them all day it seemed. He had found a patch of them. He was not the only one it seemed who loved blackberries and their where several other black bears enjoyed the same delicacies. Four of them to be exact. He didn’t mind, there were plenty of the berries to go around, plenty. No fights, no snarls, just peaceful eating. It didn’t get much better than this.

He was full, and thirsty. The river was about a half mile away. It was time for a drink and some sleep. Yes, that sounded good, very good. He would do this. As he left this area, their were 4 black bears still there.

The Old grizzly didn’t have a friend on this earth, and he didn’t mind that at all. He was bad tempered to say the least. Everyone gave him a wide space to say the least. His nose caught the scent of berries, black berries. Like most bears, he liked blackberries. He noticed some movement in this patch. The young black bear didn’t know what hit him. He didn’t know what ended his life so suddenly. The blow from the grizzly’s right paw was deadly. The other bears disappeared into thin air. They  knew of the grizzly and his deadly behavior.

The black bear had a nice nap. It wasn’t to long  but it was restful. He headed back to the berry patch. On the edge, he suddenly stopped. He caught a whiff of something. It was the old Grizzly bear. It was then he saw the small black bear lying on the ground, dead. He heard the growl, instantly he was at a dead run. The grizzly was much larger and much slower than the black bear. He was lucky.

Several days later, the black bear found himself in another dangerous situation. He was tempted. He yielded to this temptation and headed toward the chicken coop. He knew better. It wasn’t till he heard the dogs beginning to bark that he decided to leave. It was to late.
Several day earlier, the grizzly had done some damage to the farm buildings and the farmer was on the alert. As the farmer came out of the house, the dogs barked louder. The farmer had a gun in his hand. He was ready for war.

The black bear wasted no time in leaving the area. But he was not fast enough. The dog were on his trail. He kicked it into high gear but they just kept a coming. After a mile, he came upon the blackberry patch. He couldn’t stop now, that was  for sure. He thought he caught the scent of the grizzly but wasn’t sure.  He kept running. After a while he noticed that the sound of the dogs was becoming more faint. Then it stopped all together. Why was that? Had they just given up all together? He didn’t know but it appeared that way. He slowed to a walk, thankful for his escape. He slowed to a walk. The run had tired him out, he took a rest. no dogs barking, just silence. Oh he thought he heard something but it was a distance back, maybe by the black berry patch, maybe.

A couple of days later, the hunger for blackberry over took his good judgement and he headed back to the black berry patch. He knew the grizzly would be around. He would have to be cautious. As he neared the patch, he caught the scent of the grizzly. He also caught the scent of the dogs. He started to turn around but his curiosity got the better of him. He would now find out why the dogs had quit following. On the ground lay the caress of the old grizzly. He had be shot numerous times. He had been skinned. Beside him lay the bodies of two dogs. Dogs who had died at the hands of the grizzly. The Old grizzly had went down swinging. He had fought to the bitter end. No doubt, as the dogs had been on the black bear’s trail, they came across the grizzly in the blackberry patch.

The black bear had been lucky that night.

As the black bear looked at the caresses lying on the ground, he start to turn back but decided he was still hungry. It was time for some more blackberries. He didn’t look back as he walked pass the carcasses.

He filled himself with blackberries till he needed another nap.

It was a nice day. He was one lucky black bear.



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